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There’s something about this, the appealing thought of you standing there, still, watching and waiting for that right moment….

The perfect beginning to the end of a first date.


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A double stuffing today? Yes please Daddy.

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hmm . . to be a toy for a couple to play with …

This looks like fun!

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Anonymous asked:
Something that's really frustrating me... I'm a dfab nonbinary person, I use neutral pronouns, but Sir insists on calling me a girl/woman and using she/her pronouns, and if I show any negative emotion about it or ask him not to, he tells me that he chooses my gender and I am what he says I am. It really upsets me because it feels like he doesn't really respect my gender identity or take it seriously even though he says he does. I'm starting to really resent this. Any advice?



If My girl told Me tomorrow that she no longer felt comfortable being called “girl” and would prefer I use some other pronoun such as sub, slave, or ‘hey you’ then I would respect her wishes. 

I would respect her wishes, because I respect her as a person. 

I may not understand it, but it doesn’t change anything between Us. 

I want to give the benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps he doesn’t understand that this is important to you, but not knowing is not knowing. 

My advice would be to tell him that female pronouns are now a hard limit for you. 

If he can’t respect that, then he doesn’t respect you, and it’s time to move on. 

Agreed! Gender identity is not a thing for your partner to control against your will. Only you have that power and if he doesn’t respect your pronouns, he doesn’t respect you.